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Jeff Herndon


I'm Jeff, the artist behind Herndon Studios. My artistic journey began in childhood, and I've always found joy in bringing smiles through art. I went to college anticipating to major in  computer animation, but alas I discovered my true passion lies in traditional mediums.

Over the years, I've worked as a freelance artist, as a patineur in a bronze foundry, and a sculptor at a studio specializing in medical anatomy tools. My portfolio includes book covers, movie posters, family portraits, and sculptures, reflecting my versatility.

Herndon Studios is a family endeavor, with my wife and me at its heart. Besides art, I love spending my free time cooking and passing on my artistic passion to my son. Western movies, American history, and their artistry hold a special place in my heart, often influencing my work. Explore Herndon Studios to experience the magic of art.


Portrait Illustrations

All sizes below are inches and are standard American frame sizes.

Refined Drawings: Colored pencils on brown paper
Sizes available: 9x12, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24
Prices start at $400

Full Color Paintings: Acrylic and colored pencils on board
Simple portraits
Sizes available: 9x12, 11x14, 16x20
Prices start at $600

Poster style works
Sizes start at 18x24 but can be as large as you have room for on your wall
Prices start at $1,500

Payment is half up front and half at completion. Other payment plans can be arranged if necessary.

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