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The Lost Spark

A message from my friend, author J.T. Krul: Greetings All! I hope the new year is treating everyone well. I rarely (if ever) send out such a mass email like this, but the time has arrived for the release of my first novel, The Lost Spark. It’s a young adult fantasy book in the vein
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Inspiration, seize it!

Hi Folks, This is in many ways my first post on this blog. The last time you heard from me I was a man desperate for success and attention. Now I blog here, before you all, as a man who is DESTINED for success and still desperate for attention. I have been using this blog
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Pin-Up sketch-up

Working out some pinups for a local company that specializes in aircraft decals. I’ll post some finished paintings soon, for now, here’s a sketch.

Merry Christmas

Hey Folks! This is my Christmas Card this year. Doesn’t it send warm shots of holiday cheer down your spine? In case it’s a little unclear, this young lad is having a close encounter of the Christmas Eve kind.

The pipe shop

A simple man with his simple pleasures.

For fun

Is the kid praying for mercy or getting ready to attempt a karate chop…we may never know.

More caricature

What do you get two beautiful people for a wedding gift. A big-head portrait…nothing has more class.

Another Digger

This is the fourth and final portrait of the Digger character I’ve been working on. I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I guess I’ll be moving onto some others for him next. Stay tuned…

Mechanic babe redux

This is a redo of an earlier piece that I felt was pretty weak. I think this piece is ten times stronger than the previous one, however I think there will probably be another version coming in a couple months to make up for the kinks in this one.

The Old Sea Dog

Just a quick sketch that started in my sketchbook.

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